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SMI is Blogging!

Hello from all of here at Spatial Matters!

How exciting!  We finally have reached a place in time, where we can initiate a blog and we have some great topics to talk about going forward.  The aim for our blog is to help provide helpful tips and tricks while out working in the industry, as well as give you an inside look at what happens in our world on the regular, including projects we’re working on, things we learn along the way,  obstacles we overcome and much, much more! 

For those of you new to the Spatial Matters Inc. universe, and even for those who've been with us for the long haul, I’ll start with the way we approach design.  It’s our foundation and the reason why our clients find us special to work with.  We think that design belongs in every home and that the benefits of having a well-balanced space are very important to your emotional well-being.  That’s pretty darn important, right?   We’re in a day and age where we need more calm.  We need more balance.  We need to feel that drive everyday to get out into the world and face the challenges, work wise, family wise and world wise. We also need a clear mind and heart to appreciate the things around us.  

So how does interior design fit into that?  By focusing on the things you love, the functionality of your environment, the color palette in the space and of course the balance and flow of the items in your rooms, you constantly remind yourself what’s important to you and create a space that you can feel confident, efficient and grounded.  This is a great launching pad and resting point to each day. You will always have a safe base for centering yourself.  The results then, are a happier you. 

Honestly, interior design can be quite exciting – we get to feel something new and inspiring when we have shifts in our environments.  Think about the last time you stayed in a vacation rental or a great hotel room.  Even just the difference, can be exciting and we find ourselves caring about certain details.  We scroll through all the photos, looking for the most comfortable and practical place and book it.  We then walk into the space with fresh eyes and excited for a new experience. The design of the room can leave either a good or bad impression of your overall trip away. Of course, everyone has different tastes as far as colors and patterns go, but we can all agree that the change at least had an impact on you.  These shifts help excite us and create a buzz in our brains that spark new ideas or remind us what we love or don’t love.  You either feel comfortable there, or you don’t- but it made a difference to you.  We know how much this matters and it’s the reason we know it shouldn’t just be important when you stay outside your home.   Your home should be as great as the places you ache to stay. 

As we come to an end to 2019, perhaps we can start to work towards a shift that helps you feel this way.    

We hope you’ll reach out for a short phone call or an in person consultation to discuss your options.  We have your back and are absolutely dedicated to our mission.   Thanks for reading and we look forward to connecting soon!  Until next time!



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