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collins-PEZZNER //

 senior designer & founder

It's safe to say that I've been creating since I learned how to control my voice and hands. Basically, I eat and breathe design.


I'm a trained graphic, apparel, set and home designer and have worked in these fields for more than a decade.

 Previously I worked designing home sets and styling photos for a successful corporate retail website in their editorial department. Prior to photo styling, I created a children's line of clothing, called Ricicli. 


 Ricicli was sold in more than twenty-five stores across the Northwest and featured in several magazines and blogs. We won a business grant from the Eileen Fisher Foundation in 2011. Around the same time, we also won The Mary Dore award for fundraising efforts. My designs used for this project continues to benefit the Northwest Infant Survival and SIDS Alliance.  


 As senior designer and CEO of Spatial Matters Inc. I work with clients to decorate homes and businesses. There is nothing more rewarding to me than using my creativity to enhance and better the lives of my clients by designing and creating a space they love.


 I began Spatial Matters, Inc. because I’m passionate about designing spaces and it matters to me how much you love yours.

image of Christina Collins-Pezzner; President and CEO of Spatial Matters
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